The Lynx: 4/5/13

The lynx

Here are the great stories you might have missed this week:

Polynesian DNA in bones of extinct south american tribal people…not in Chile…not in Peru…not in Ecuador…all the way in Brazil.  John Timmer in Ars Technica

-Brain games are all the rage, but are they really duds? Gareth Cook in The New Yorker and a paper from PLOSone

-Dear Dad, your Facebook posts suck…..great letter from science writer Tare Smith to her father about misinformationabout the autism/vaccine link.  At ScienceBlogs.

-Going to see California sea lions is so 1970’s…No I mean it, they can dance to disco!!!  Peter Fimrite at the San Francisco Chronicle .  Video at SFGate

-How do bees find the best flowers….it is quite logical. At ScienceDaily

-Yum, is that rocket fuel I taste?  An archeon that can live off perchlorate.  David Biello at Scientific American

-Great article about breaking into science writing.  Bora Zivkovic at Scientific American

-Coverage on the White House’s B.R.A.I.N initiative: Carl Zimmer at National Geographic , John Markoff and James Gorman at The New York Times , Carolyn Johnson at , Meredith Wadman at Nature

-When you work with bats you must post cute bat videos whenever you can.  Smallest macrochiropteran species, the blossom bat.  Dan Nosowitz at Popsci

-A little closer to home.  UCR receives 3 million dollar grant from Kaiser Permanente.  At

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